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Publisher Overview

Maximize profits

AdOnly helps website owners make use of any position to sell ads, especially those that will be hard to sell directly to maximize their profit.

Simple and easy-to-manage system

AdOnly system is built on the basis of understanding the publishers, thereby creating a simple and convenient one for publishers to manage and use.

Honest data report

AdOnly Report ensures the accuracy of data, statistics on system 24/24 to help publishers have reliable information for their management.

Outstanding technology

AdOnly brings revenue to web owner and does not limit the ability of other collaboration of website.

Payment method

Adonly supports payment with the threshold of $10. You can get paid via Paypal, Payza, Bank transfer, Payoneer.

Advertising Network

The ads are displayed suitably to the website's content, combined with flexible payment methods: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, Pop-under.

Languages and traffic

AdOnly accepts almost all languages and traffic all around the world. It will fill rate to 98% and bring you the highest profit.

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