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Advertiser Overview

Low cost, high efficiency

AdOnly provides many optimization solutions which help our customers target advertising with low cost but achieve high efficiency.

Quality website system

Publisher's websites are carefully considered to meet AdOnly's requirements about website content and traffic, which helps customer's advertising campaigns be targeted.

Flexible payment method

For AdOnly, customers can be made payment and create advertising campaigns such as CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, Pop-unders.

Multiple mechanisms against fraud on clicks or impressions

AdOnly provides the best safeguards to advertisers to prevent fraud on impressions or clicks which brings the most efficient results.

An effective, simple and easy-to-use campaign management system

AdOnly provides a system that helps customers actively manage campaign and report data accurately.

Effective advertising network

With more than one billion impression per month from over 200 countries in the world, we help thousands of customer's advertising campaigns be successful.

Professional supporter team.

With a professional customer supporter team, we are always hard-working to support customer 24/7, help customer's issues be solved fastest.

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